Donmo Resonator Guitars


I make metal bodied resonator guitars from brass, copper, steel and wood.

All of the variations in style, ie “F”holes, slots, single cone style coverplate on tricones, are available in each material.

Rustbuckets are made from old sheets of corrugated steel that I scrounge from building demolition sites and farms etc. I flatten the sheets as best I can by walking on them (luckily I’m no lightweight!) so I can fit them through my ancient set of sheet metal rollers and then the material is fine to use.

Much of this material is more than 100 years old and can be identified by the makers stamps that I use on the backs of my guitars. I have found that the newer stuff (from about 1965 on) is too brittle to use for guitar making

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All models, including tricones, can be made left handed at no extra cost.

  • Single Cones – 24.75” 630mm
  • Tricones – 25.5” 648mm
  • Nut width 46mm *
  • Width @12th fret 56mm*

I use Australian timbers for my necks and fretboards. Mulga and Gidgee, which I use for fretboards, are superbly suited for this purpose and are a much better alternative to the ebony and rosewood that is available now.

*These are my standard dimensions but you can order your own preference at no extra cost.